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Samsung 8.0 kg / 6.0 kg Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter Fully-Automatic Washer Dryer (WD80T604DBX/TL, Inox, AI Control)

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Last updated on 2 December 2021 6:48 pm
  • Washer Dryers: Premium washing machine with best-in-class drying which is better than dryer of front-loader
  • Capacity 8 KG: Suitable for large families
  • Product Warranty: 3 years on product, 10 years on motor
  • 1400 RPM Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
  • Number of wash program -22
  • Also included in the box : 1 machine, 1 outlet pipe, clamps & bolts, installation guide
  • Hygiene Steam Wash: Give your clothes a really deep and hygienic clean with steam
  • Digital Inverter Techology: Superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and exceptionally long-lasting performance
  • Diamond Drum-Supremely gentle on your clothes

Specification: Samsung 8.0 kg / 6.0 kg Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter Fully-Automatic Washer Dryer (WD80T604DBX/TL, Inox, AI Control)






‎8 Kilograms

Maximum Rotational Speed

‎1400 RPM

Installation Type

‎Free Standing

Part Number


Special Features

‎Child lock, Digital Inverter Technology, StayClean Drawer, Super Speed, Diamond Drum



Access Location

‎Front Load


‎Stainless Steel

Included Components

‎1 machine, 1 outlet pipe, clamps& bolts, installation guide

Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Country of Origin


8 reviews for Samsung 8.0 kg / 6.0 kg Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter Fully-Automatic Washer Dryer (WD80T604DBX/TL, Inox, AI Control)

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Ashu

    Do not have concern with product but not satisfied cause of wrong description and more price than the samsung website.

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  2. Chirpie Bird

    I previously had a bosch washer dryer but returned as the machine malfunctioned.
    Then I purchased this washer dryer for Rs 49000 at a loan store in bangalore.
    This is a very silent machine. It doesn’t vibrate like how my old bosch used to.
    The washing quality is very good, same as the bosch one. The oily kitchen towels come out as good as new ones.
    I wash the clothes in a 1 hour cycle and then select the dry function, time it for 2 hours and get 100% dried warm clothes that I can fold and store in the cupboard.
    I can even add forgotten clothes after the machine begins running by pressing the start button once again.
    The AI connect is very convinient for me. I can store on my mobile the specifics of all the different functions I use for daily washing, kids clothes washing, kitchen towels washing etc and send it to the machine directly instead of selecting manually each time.
    The only con in this washer dryer is unlike in bosch which had a detailed display on the control panel, here I have to keep rotating the dial to select a particular function and again change the specifics like temperature or the rpm. But this can be overcome with the AI option.
    Overall I very much like this machine and definitely prefer this over the bosch ones.

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  3. Hashinioo

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I got this machine 3 days back and here is my take on it.

    – Clothes come out cupboard dry (dries as good as a dryer)
    – The bubble Soak, prewash, delayed start/end, intense wash, and other such functions really work and aid thorough washing
    – clothes come out amazingly clean and fresh
    – occupies less space compared to having separate washer and drier
    – quiet and doesn’t wobble
    – the ‘SmartThings’ app connectivity is amazing, you can use it real time (see the photo attached)

    – cotton full load with bubble soak (30 mins) and intense wash with cupboard dry takes upwards of 6 hours
    – consumes higher energy compared to separate washer and dryer (see photos of electricity consumption with appx 4 wash cycles in two days)
    – lack of physical signs and buttons could be an issue with elderly or tech novice as it’s completely automated ( not a con really for tech friendly people)
    – the installation/demo guy from Samsung didn’t know how to use it himself (Samsung should train it’s people on new product offerings)

    Overall I really loved this product. Highly recommended!

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  4. Mj reviews

    Product is very nice… Look so amazing . i buy it from offline samsung showroom. Today i got a delivery.

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  5. Geo Cherian

    I have been using this machine for over a month now.
    Bought for ₹53,058 from seller Cloudtail India.
    Please do not go for any other seller.
    ■This machine is very energy efficient for a Washer Dryer,using the latest and greatest BLDC motor.
    Please avoid comments of those with no idea on power consumption/machine usage.
    I did monitor energy consumption on the Smarthings App and cross checked with Electricity Board meter reading.

    ■ It does Load Sensing and hence consume Electricity and Water only according to the weight of clothes being washed and the selected wash options.
    For Light loads it consume as little as 0.3kwhr to wash on default cotton program(40°C,2 rinse,1400rpm).
    And 0.5kwhr for drying the same load for 1 hour.
    You have the option to manualy set drying time and you don’t need to waste your time with Cupboard Dry,the auto dry option which will run unnecessarily for a long time and waste power.
    A light to medium load can be dried by 30 min to 1 hour drying selected manually.
    You don’t have to use dry option unless you need clothes 100% dry.Spin dry already does a great job.

    ■ Noise levels are under70db,measured at full speed spin(Image attached).This is dead silent for a washing machine.

    ■ Depending on wash program selected,it senses the cloth load and reduces standard program duration and in effect reduces power consumption(Image with Sensing Load and Washing shows the reduced time).

    ■ Have PreWash,Intensive and Bubble Soak options on every wash program to increase wash quality.

    ■ The Wash Quality is Excellent,may be the best i would say,removes dirt/stains you would believe only a hand wash can remove,provided you select the right options and detergent.

    ■ Smarthings App lets you select wash options instead of fiddling with the touch buttons and knob as well as help to decide which program you need depending on the clothes you have added,its colour and how soiled it is.

    ■The App has a fairly accurate power consumption for each day,week and month.
    Also a wash counter for the purpose of drum cleaning.

    ■The machine one’s connected to your wifi auto connectes to wifi everytime you turn on and lets you monitor the current state of wash cycle.
    No need to check at the machine.

    Requires 16A socket with a good earth line.

    □ Squeaky noise on full load made by the plastic panel under the soap dispenser+controls making contact with metal panel below, bearing the the front door.
    This issue could be solved with thin form inserted between these two panels,not a deal breaker for such a good performer.

    □ Quality of the drain filter and its door is very poor for this price range.Other panels and metal back panels are of poor finish or quality for this range.

    □ Display quality and control panel isn’t that good quality,again…, for this range.

    □The alarm after wash isn’t that loud,but there is an app notification to counter.

    □ Liquid soap stopper thingy inside the soap dispenser for main wash is an absolute crap and of no use.IFB washer dryer has a better soap dispenser.

    I Previously used IFB Senator bought in 2001 and it served me to this machine.

    The only competition to this machine was the IFB Washer Dryer which cost higher but more than that,the kind of scams i had faced from IFB Service atleast at my location forced me to avoid there “4 year warranty” scam and move forward with other brands.

    Apart from some of the external quality issues,i find this product to be The Best Washer Dryer of 2021.

    Tried everything to arrange images in order but amazon doesn’t allow so.

    I hope you read this long and found my review helpful.
    Please vote Helpful if it did.

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  6. Shreyans Jhaveri

    I have had this machine for about 20 days and it’s worth every penny, it’s very silent and the dry cycle is brilliant. I put a 60 minute dry along with my wash cycle and the clothes come out cupboard dry. The power consumption it’s extremely low too. The quality of wash if the clothes is brilliant too. The connectivity with the smartthings app and setting your own custom cycles adds a lot of productivity.

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  7. Dinesh

    Very good

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  8. psrk

    Wash programmes are ok. Drying programmes are too long.. Energy gujjling, may not be worth it..

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